Each Sermon Is Mini-Course Worthy

Turning your Sermons into Courses

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Each Sermon Is Mini-Course Worthy

Let’s explore the power of turning a sermon into a life-changing mini-course that will alter your Church and community.

Sermons, left on their own, don’t have much of an impact after Sunday for a lot of Christians. However, mini-courses challenge people in ways that you may not realize.

Check out this podcast episode, which explores how to turn your everyday sermons into life-changing mini-courses. Also, we discuss formats as well.

You can also check out the full-length article version of the podcast (https://churchgrowthtips.faithventuremedia.com/each-sermon-is-mini-course-worthy-1fbd63bf7ff), as well as purchase the inexpensive printable PDF Guide that has a little extra there as well (link is in that article).

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