Why a Church should spend money on advertising

(Even if they may be able to get advertising money for free)

If you’re like some Pastors, the shock in the title is that there is the possibility to get advertising money for free for Churches. For other Pastors who knew this already, the shock in the title is that you probably should spend more than the $10,000/month in free advertising that your Church has the possibility to get.

Either way, that title may be shocking…but it’s 100% true!

Even though many Churches (even small ones) qualify for Google’s Ad Grant of $10,000/month for Google Ads, there still is another type of ad Churches should be investing into.

Google Ads (along with Facebook Ads/Meta Ads) are essential to reach the exact people in your community that you want to reach.

So, even if you may get 10k in Google Ads, Facebook is another one you should consider (a minimum of $10/day or $300 per month would be good, though if you can afford more, that’s better).

Here are a few reasons Facebook Ads are good to use for Churches:

  1. Important targeting features

  2. Your community is on Facebook

  3. Your Facebook page is probably the most prominent of your social media pages

  4. A wide range of ads you can create

Important targeting features

Facebook ads are probably the most straightforward to run, and their platform is probably one of the easiest to use. While they also are quick to stop certain ads from running, their support is probably one of the best to get those issues handled.

Your community is on Facebook

One of the most important rules of Marketing is that you need to be where your target market is. While not everyone is on Facebook (and the younger generations aren’t using Facebook that much), it still is an essential platform where you should advertise.

Your Facebook page is probably the most prominent of your social media pages

Since Facebook has so many users, it’s the one most people upkeep the most. It probably also will have the most followers of the social media platforms you use (unless you have a large YouTube channel).

A wide range of ads you can create

You can use images, video, or even create semi-interactive ads. You can also, instead of a landing page, send people to a lead form to give you their information in exchange for something (e.g. a lead magnet). Because there are so many options, it becomes a no-brainer when deciding which platform to advertise on.

Bonus platform: LinkedIn

While LinkedIn requires a minimum of $10/day in advertising, it’s also a great tool to use. Mostly professionals and business people are on LinkedIn, which makes it easy to know who to target. Reaching out to business people in your community is also a big ministry opportunity, one that is made even more possible by using LinkedIn’s advertising.

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