Onward to 2024

Our Plan to Help Churches in 2024

New Year, New Changes Coming

2023 has been a year of experimenting. Now it’s time to look to committing on the ways we help Churches grow.

Changes are coming, including for this newsletter/blog format (by the way, it’s a very good thing).

Can’t move forward, though, without looking back on a few of our favorite articles from this year.

Below the 2024 Plan (right under this), you’ll find a few of my favorite articles we published in 2023.

My Favorite Articles We Published in 2023 (and Why)

Content Flow for Churches - I like this one because it gives a short and streamlined process for Churches to recycle their content (thus being more efficient).

3 Strategies Churches Can Use to Prevent Volunteer Burnout - I like this one because it helps Churches help their volunteers not burn out

Why Your Church Should Create Digital Resources to Help Your Members and Community Grow Spiritually - I like this short, simple article because it’s a summary of my main mission - to help Churches reach their community using digital methods.

Involve Your Congregation in Missions around the World - I like this article we did because, even though it’s not on our main topic of Church Growth, or Church Marketing, missions is a passion of mine (I’m a missionary from the US in Romania since 2015).

Creating a Seamless Welcome Experience for First-Time Church Guests - I like this article because it lays out a good onboarding experience for first-time Church guests.

2023 has been fun, but expect much more value in 2024 from us. In the meantime, be sure to check out our masterclasses.